• Ronin were masterless Samurai...

     They served no lord, and so had no honour.


    When Ronin died, they would meet Oni on their path to the afterlife. The Oni attacked and consumed their souls, turning them into shells of their former selves. Demon Samurai trapped in a hell of self-loathing and doubt. The Oni Ronin. 

    . . .

    The only escape: The Trial of Ascension. 

    An Oni Ronin of legendary will may break free of the Oni possessing them. Some have summoned the strength to challenge their tormentor to a duel. But every single man or woman who has stood their ground, everyone who has fought an Oni has died. But where they have failed, you will succeed.

    . . .

    It is said that an elite chosen few should one day rise up. Ronin of honor who deserve no Oni. Ronin who might defeat their Oni in celestial combat. Ronin who would ascend to heaven, and join the ranks of the Samurai once more.
    . . .
    The so-called 88 Golden Ronin

  • Death Poems

    Hundreds of years ago, Samurai honored a tradition of haiku death poems. The ideal poem was to be written personally, as close as possible to an honorable death. A number of these poems survive to this day, thanks to preservation efforts by historians.

    Each Oni Ronin NFT comes with one of twenty possible haiku adorning their backgrounds: a real death poem written by a real Samurai warrior hundreds of years ago.

    It is partially legible behind them immediately, but there is only one way to hear your Oni Ronin read their death poem in its entirety: you must risk The Trial of Ascension.

    . . .


    The Trial of Ascension

    If the owner initiates The Trial of Ascension, they commit their Ronin to one of two outcomes:

    In one case, your Ronin is defeated by its Oni and is cast into oblivion forever. Their NFT is burned: replaced in your wallet by a husk destroyed in celestial battle, its death poem echoing audibly for eternity. 

    In the other, your Ronin defeats its Oni in combat! Its former self is burned: replaced in your wallet after revealing its true nature as one of the 88 Golden Ronin, having ascended to the honoured halls of the noble Samurai.

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  • Tokenomics


    In the Afterlife

    Oni Ronin are possessed by demons carrying hundreds of varying characteristics, warping the Ronins' appearances in the process. These traits are determined at random and revealed at time of mint. Some will be common and some will be legendarily rare.


    Fallen in Battle

    Fallen Ronin are unrecognizable from their previous selves after being destroyed by their Oni. But they have rarities as well. Oni leave visible auras around their victims, and the Ronin will haunt the location for eternity, audibly echoing their death poem aloud.


    Live in Hell? Or Rise Up?

    Legend has it there are only 88 Golden Ronin among the 8,888 strong enough to defeat their Oni and ascend to greatness. This is determined at mint, so from that moment on, you may already have one... the only way to reveal its true nature is through the Trial of Ascension.


    Some brave holders may rush into battle and lose, improving your Ronin's odds. The most glory will likely go to the first Ronin to ascend, but they may face the highest risk. Are your Ronin strong enough to test their Oni's will? When is the right time to attack? Only you can decide.


    8888 Warriors

    .0888 Eth each

    Ethereum mainnet



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  • Presented by Big Head Club and Friends:



    Lil' ハンズ


    Lil' ハンズの母



    Logo Calligraphy


    Site Design


    Haiku Reading

  • RoaDmap


    Commercial Rights

    As an Oni Ronin holder, you have commercial rights to do whatever you want with your NFT.




    Big Head Club Membership

    Oni Ronin tokens (Oni, Fallen, & Golden) provide membership to the Big Head Club.




    2% of primary sales to Stop AAPI Hate

    To date, we have made donations to Stop AAPI hate in the amount of 6.620928 ETH.




    Samurai History Lessons

    Access to multi-session interactive samurai history lessons given by an accredited university level history professor.​




    Haiku Workshops

    Participation in haiku writing seminars, an art-form Samurai practiced extensively.




    Zen Meditation Sessions

    Guided zazen (zen meditation) sessions from Tokozenji temple to awaken the true self, and start on a path to spiritual enlightenment.




    Tea Ceremonies

    Authentic virtual tea ceremonies from a traditional tatami tea room in Kyoto with an expert Japanese tea master for our community to immerse itself in the culture, arts, and zen of this tradition.




    Flower Arranging Class

    Online classes on the art of traditional flower arrangement that samurai historically cherished as one of their spiritual interests as each arrangement was viewed as a reflection of their own mortality.



    Trip To Japan Raffle

    Everyone who minted before 4pm PDT on Wednesday October 27th gained 1 entry into our raffle, and those who put their Oni through the Trial of Ascension gained 3 more. The winner of the draw will go on an incredible trip to Kyoto, Japan worth 3eth.






    Another Trip To Japan Raffle

    Any Ronin minted between numbers 4028 and 4888 will be entered into a draw to win another incredible trip to Kyoto, Japan worth 3eth.


    Custom Ronin

    Anyone who collects all ten shades of Fallen Ronin, sends them to RoninHell.eth and then emails mack@bighead.club to let him know will get a custom Oni Ronin designed by the artist Maldoror with their input.



    Incentives to Delist Fallen Ronin

    Oni Ronin members will be randomly rewarded for not having your Fallen Ronin listed on the secondary market.

    Whether that’s free Ronin, free Eth or other ideas, we can guarantee you want to keep those Fallen delisted.



    Claimable Kitsune Companions

    Oni Ronin owners will be able to claim a companion Kitsune NFT for every Oni Ronin they hold.



    Oni Ronin Comic

    We're creating a beautifully illustrated, manga-style comic book telling the story of Oni Ronin and the Trial Of Ascension. 




    Members-only exclusive merch with limited edition items that token holders can choose to buy.



    Immersive Virtual Experiences Raffles

    Virtually Explore Mount Fuji, which became known as “the mountain that does not even fall in battle” and was a popular place among samurai of later centuries. This online experience shares the history and culture of Mt. Fuji and the surrounding areas from a local’s perspective.


    Travel virtually through Kyoto and visit its unique world heritage sites with a real tour guide and learn about its history.


      Much more...

      Raffles, giveaways, airdrops, expansions... there's still more to come for Oni Ronin holders.